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Breaking the no-post cycle.

birthday sheepNot like there’s any pressure to write anything but after not writing for over a month, I feel like I have to write something brilliant and that means I feel pressure and will therefore write nothing.  So I’m just going to ramble and see what my fingers type.  Just to get the ball rolling.  You guys don’t mind.

So I had a birthday on Monday.  I like my birthday but I don’t like aging.  Not so much.  People who don’t know me generally think that I’m younger than I am so I like to think that’s all that matters.  And then I think, “Wait, Carrie, all that matters is how young you look?  When did you get so superficial?” and then I feel bad for caring about what I look like.  But what can you do?  Not care?  What am I?  A guy?

I had two separate gatherings for my birthday.  One was the family and one was the friends.  The two people who cross platforms are my boyfriend and brother.  I got some really awesome gifts, the most notable being the Wii Fit.  I’m now a Wii person.  It’s like buying a friend.  It talks to you and has a little animated Wii Fit board that dances around the screen and gets all animated at you.  I love it.  And, because I have a Wii Fit, I no longer have to watch my weight because the Wii will do that for me.

Today, I’m suffering the delicious hangover of a night spent partying with amazingly fun friends.  I get mushy when I think about how awesome it is that I hang out with such a chill, creative, fun, talented group of people.  I think about how lucky I am and then I remember that luck had nothing to do with it.  I chose to surround myself with amazing people so that must mean that I’m pretty friggin’ smart.

So that’s it in a nutshell: I’m superficial, the Wii Fit is my new God and choosing good friends makes me a genius.

How was your week?

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