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Lounging at the Laugh Lounge.

My set at the Laugh Lounge on Saturday went really well.  The stars aligned just right and my comedic timing and delivery was on.  It was a good night and I felt very good about it.  This begs the question: After a good night, is it best to be cocky or humble?  Because too much of either is totally annoying.  I try to get the right mix and say something like, “The audience was very kind and generous to laugh and clap at my amazing and unique hilariousness.”  Or, “They must have made the drinks strong so the audience was loose enough to recognize my incredible geniusocity.”  See that—cocky, yet humble.

I just realized that the words cocky and humble both have smaller words in them that could be references to oral sex on a boy.  So maybe I shouldn’t feel either because it’s just too suggestive and would drive my male audience members crazy.  Oh, I said member.

Anyway, I’m gearing up for the May 13th show at Gotham.  I’m very excited because my college roomie will be coming into town for one night only to see me since I’ve told her how mind-bogglingly funny I am.  When there’s a kind audience.  And the stars align.

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It happens to everyone.

Drunk guy.My performance at Broadway Comedy Club was interesting.  Of the 8 minutes of stage time I had, I’d say that about 7 of those minutes were made up of completely new material.  New material is tricky.  On the one hand, I never want to be a comedian that does the same set word-for-word year after year, thus boring the fans, but on the other hand, it’s hard not to perform something you know is killer.   I went for mostly new stuff and hoped for the best.  Some was good, some wasn’t.  So it goes.

The crowd was a little more restless than I’m used to.  There was a loud drunk guy in the back of the room.  My friends in the audience told me that if I had gone up one comedian later, he would have been quiet because he finally got sick and needed to be dragged to the bathroom by his friends.  I wouldn’t give him the title of “heckler,” per se, but he was a distraction.  I still have yet to be officially and directly heckled while performing.  *knock wood*  (That’s NOT an invitation to heckle me.)

As I’ve mentioned, I write the bullet points of my set on the back of my hand so if I lose my place, I can craftily look down and get back on track without the audience being the wiser.  Well, on Thursday, I lost my place, casually looked down and realized I couldn’t read what the fuck I wrote on my hand.  For what seemed like 50 seconds, I just stared at my hand like a freak.  I wonder if people thought I fell asleep.  Finally, I realized what it said and started in on my next joke.  It was agony.  And it completely threw me.  When I watched the tape later, it’s really only about 4 seconds.  It’s amazing what a mere 4 seconds of silence can do on stage. Oy.

I hear it happens to everyone.  And it could have been a lot worse.  I’m glad I got it out of the way and that I survived and that most of my set got laughs.   That’s new material for ya.  A wild adventure.

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Broadway Comedy Club on April 17th.

If I had three wishes they would be these:

1) That you come see me perform on Thursday.

2) That I have the power of invisibility and that my invisibility would include being able to walk through things. I would use this power to get rich from blackmailing rich people. Eventually, having lots of ill-gotten money would be unsatisfying and I would then use this superpower for good instead of evil. But before that, it would be a wild ride and you’ll all wish you’d come to my show so that I would think you were my friend and you could mooch off my invisibility blackmailing monies.

3) That I have perfect teeth.

Make my first wish come true, won’t you?

Broadway Comedy Club
9pm — doors open at 8:15pm
318 West 53rd Street @ 8th ave
Make reservations: 212.757.2323

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Guess where I am.

I’m in Chelsea, Michigan. Home of Jiffy Mix. THE Jiffy Mix. You don’t have a reason to be too jealous because it’s not open for tours on Saturdays so I can’t even get inside to sample the sweet sweet mix fresh off the line.

Chelsea is like an hour west of Detroit. I will see Detroit later today. I’m hoping that every stand up comedian’s take on Detroit is accurate. If they aren’t exaggerating the horror, I will have comic material for months to come. Poor Detroit is the butt of so many jokes: it’s dangerous, it’s dirty, it’s ugly, the sports teams are terrible and the politicians are corrupt.

Many moons ago, I was upset that my then-recent-ex had found a new girlfriend before I’d found a new boyfriend. A good friend of mine was comforting me. I whined, “Ugh, I can’t believe he’s dating someone. She’s from Detroit of all places!” And my friend laughed and said, “Detroit? Oh, don’t worry! The murder rate is so high there, she’ll be dead any minute now!” It was enormously comforting.

Wish me luck!

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Come see me!

Next shows:

Thursday, December 1st
Ed Sullivan On Acid Comedy Show
The Duplex
61 Christopher St
New York, NY

Sunday, December 11th
Jazz on the Park


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