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Finally, some proof.

Recently, I came across this article: Sarcasm Seen as Evolutionary Survival Skill.  “Tra la la!” I thought, “An article written for me, sort of about me!”

Here is an excerpt:

It’s also easy to imagine how sarcasm might be selected over time as evolutionarily crucial. Imagine two ancient humans running across the savannah with a hungry lion in pursuit. One guy says to the other, “Are we having fun yet?” and the other just looks blank and stops to figure out what in the world his pal meant by that remark. End of friendship, end of one guy’s contribution to the future of the human gene pool.

Fast forward a few million years and the network of human relationships is wider and more complex, and just as important to survival. The corporate chairman throws out a sarcastic remark and those who “get” it laugh, smile, and gain favor. In the same way, if the chair never makes a remark, sarcastic people are making them behind his or her back, forming a clique by their mutually negative, but funny, comments. Either way, sarcasm plays a role in making and breaking alliances and friendship.

Finally, someone understands.  If I’m reading this article correctly, and I am, it means that if you don’t get my humor, you’re not as evolved as I am.  And you haven’t been properly socialized to comprehend complex human relationships and should be cast off from society and shunned until you cry so hard you dehydrate and die a painful death.

Laugh at my shit, people, it proves you’re caught up with evolution.

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Write my autobiography? By Saturday?

I’ve been asked to bring a “headshot and bio” to my next gig. This is an exciting prospect. I spent a hefty penny on my headshots and I’m excited to possibly hand one to someone. The bio, however, is a little perplexing.

How does this go exactly? Can it be funny? My instinct is to make it funny since I’m branding myself as a funny person — funny enough to make you rich if you play your cards right, sir. But somehow, I don’t feel like it should be funny. So, a serious bio about my experience as a comedian? Where do I start? I’ve been unbelievably balls-to-the-floor hilarious for my whole life. How do I fit a lifetime of hilarity on the back of a headshot? And if I write modestly, someone might think that I haven’t been funny enough. Do I write it in acting resume format? Do I put my measurements? Do I list my many special talents? (Very steady hands, certified scuba diver, can hypnotize a horse in under 12 seconds, etc.) This is quite a pickle.

I think you should come see me at The Laugh Lounge on Saturday, June 7th. That’s what I think.

Laugh Lounge
151 Essex Street (bet. Stanton & Rivington)
$12 + 2 drinks

I think I should get a new hair dryer by then. That’s also what I think.

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Come see me!

Next shows:

Thursday, December 1st
Ed Sullivan On Acid Comedy Show
The Duplex
61 Christopher St
New York, NY

Sunday, December 11th
Jazz on the Park


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