Cruise Bingo Results! Hint: BINGO!

February 10, 2010 at 6:27 pm Leave a comment

Some say it was too easy.  Some say it was too mean.  Some say they just want to see the results.  So, without further ado, here are the results of Cruise Bingo.

I tried to get as many pictures for proof as I could so here are the pictures:

Some notes:

The Titanic joke was made within the first few hours of the cruise during the lifeboat drill.

Pirate costumes have changed to the “sexy” Johnny Depp style as opposed to the “Yarrrr” classical pirate.  Both qualify as idiots, however.

I really dislike that cruise ships make diners dance at dinnertime.  But two of the bingo squares were completed as the waitstaff pretended to think a “spontaneous” conga line was something “fun” to do while eating a meal.  There was also a waitstaff rendition of Y-M-C-A that makes me shutter with embarrassment to remember it.

I think because of the time of year, the age of the average cruiser was about 163.  Thus, finding a group of fratty guys was particularly difficult.

My “fat guy in cut-off sleeves” isn’t really fat enough but whatever.  YOU take a cruise and do your own damn bingo.  Jeez.

All in all, a fun cruise.  Then I came home, hosted/produced The Williamses Show and after that, I went to San Francisco for a weekend to do a coupla gigs, including 5 Funny Females at The Purple Onion.  So far, 2010 is a friggin’ whirlwind!


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How many funny Williamses are there? Know thyself.

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